Why Follow this Guide for Writing a Literature Review

You could be in high need of learning how to write a high-quality literature review, but not everyone is a pro in it. As a student, maybe you have been assigned to write a research paper or dissertation, and there must be a literature review. Sometimes the review is assigned as an independent project. A lot has to be done to ensure that you get everything right for your research paper. Do not worry; this guide gives you the essential steps you need to ensure that you have completed the assignment. Following a guide helps you learn and make sure that you do not do anything wrong or leave some crucial parts. All the same, read carefully and use these steps to write your literature review.

Read the Instructions

It is essential to go through the instructions before working on your literature review. You must first understand what is required of you and the specifications on how the review should be. By reading the instructions, if given, it helps you know the prompts that will help search for a topic. Therefore, go through each instruction and learn what the lecturer wants. Information like the specific number of sources to use, what themes or ideas should be looked into, and if you are to provide an opinion on the sources.

Get a Topic

A topic is one of the critical aspects. It gives you direction on what sources and themes to discuss. Sometimes a topic is issued by the lecturers, but mostly, you are only provided with a prompt and then figure out the title yourself. Now, if the topic is not given, read the prompt and understand it. Then get a good topic through research. Make it narrow but broadly in terms of themes to cover and ideas. It should not be general for it will give you lots of work in searching for relevant sources.

Research for Sources

Now that you have the topic and understand what is needed from the instructions, you can do thorough research. Search for scholarly sources and make sure that they are credible. You may confirm the rate at which the source has been cited to be sure. Also, ensure that it is relevant to you're topic and the themes. If you have been asked to have four sources, select multiples and then minimizes them.

Create an Outline

A review without an outline first will lack proper structure. Check for a good outline and plan how the review will be organized. Choose a concise and straightforward outline that will fit your liking.

Write the Review

Once that's done, start writing the review. Make sure it has all the essential parts, just like any standard paper. Have your introduction, then good body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Everything should be in line with the topic and the thesis statement.

In conclusion, your review should be made simple. Explore the themes discussed within the sources. After it is done, go through it word by word and check for possible errors. Mistakes are spoilers of good content. Therefore be keen to proofread.

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